Chrono Dash

Chrono Dash is a mobile game for Android devices I developed in march 2018.

“Compete against your friends in this skill-based and extremely simple game where you navigate your sphere across space, collecting power-ups, while trying to maximize your score and stay away from objects. It’s a one-click, one-button experince with zero learning curve.”

It’s purposely designed with a retro feel to it as I got my initial inspiration from a visit to some arcade halls in Japan.

The game is made in Unity and is written in C#.

Avaiable now on Google Play.

Mining Mania

Mining Mania is a mobile game developed by me and my friend Erik Forsström. We set out to make a modern reboot of the old classic Motherload but with some new additional features and with a new unique artstyle. The goal of the game is simple, dig as deep as possible, find and sell minerals and upgrade your character. New features include upgradeable and randomized gear and in-game quests.

We shared programming responsibilities, and I was personally responsible for creating all the graphics, UX, artwork and animations,

The game is made in Unity and is written exclusively in C#.

Avaliable for Android now on Google Play.

Mandarin Flashcards – Pleco Edition

During my time as an exchange student in Taiwan I spent a lot of time studying Chinese. After a few months I felt that the current apps I was using did not provide the functionality I was looking for – thus Mandarin Flashcards Pleco Edition was born.

The app allows users to practice on their existing Chinese vocabulary using flashcards exported from the popular Chinese learning app Pleco (with support for both traditional and simplified characters). The app provides multiple choice Pinyin (Chinese pronounciation) for each Chinese character with the goal to improve your overall character recognition speed. Additionally the app displays Pinyin in Unicode format (好 Hǎo) as opposed to (好 Hao3) which is often found in similar apps despite the Unicode format being the current standard.

The app is developed in Android Studio and is written in Java.

Avaliable for Android now on Google Play.